Influential Women’s Workshops Courses and Classes

The Influential Women’s workshops are designed to meet a changing environment for women of color and influence them to build the necessary skills to impact their families and development in their personal lives.


Urban Mommy Workshops

Urban Mommy offers a full array of classes and support networks for women.  From money matters, becoming an entrepreneur, new parenting classes, pregnancy support and everything in between.  We will offer a different menu of options each month and continue to add courses based on our population needs.

We offer all of our classes at either no charge or a minimal attendee cost.  Some scholarships are available.

Current workshops being offered:

  • Money Matters: Budgeting for beginners
  • From a Dream to Reality: Starting a business – The Basics
  • Reset your Life: Reinvent yourself and Live your Full Potential
  • Key to Networking: Connecting to valuable resources
  • Public relations 101: How to utilize social media to increase business
  • Marketing and Public relations for nonprofits
  • Various parenting support workshops
  • Mother’s Networking events

We also offer….

• Life Skills and Motivational Classes
• Parenting classes
• Literacy classes K-3 & Story time
• Support Groups
• Life Management Classes
• Business Development Courses
• Health and Wellness
• Job Skills and Training

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