We believe that with the right networks in place for mothers, families can realize their dreams and reach their full potential.  Through our unique mother driven and mother focused programs and events families connect with the right channels that can assist them in building strong community networks and eradicating the cycle of poverty.

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Make a gift today! Urban Mommy Inc is a national grassroots organization that seeks to empower mothers

Our programs  and events are unique because they are mother-driven and mother-focused.  We believe that when you strengthen the mother, you elevate the family. No other organization is advocating the way we are. We believe we can create a new model to influence women of color living in vulnerable communities and eradicate the cycle of poverty.

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• Life Skills and Motivational Classes
• Parenting classes
• Literacy classes K-3 & Story time
• Support Groups
• Life Management Classes
• Business Development Courses
• Health and Wellness
• Job Skills and Training

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