About Us


Since our founding in 2013, Urban Mommy has worked to motivate mothers and youth to live stronger and happier lives achieving their highest level of ability.  UM is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization works to reduce the barriers that exist in the lives of mothers, children and families in underrepresented communities.

We strive to empower mothers to pursue economic independence by providing access to a network of resources, personal and professional  development and access to free early childhood literacy.  By building on-ramps for mothers, children and families to connect with the right channels that can assist them in realizing their dreams.

Our programs and events are unique because they are mother-driven and mother-focused.  We believe that when you strengthen the mother, you elevate the family. No other organization is advocating the way we are. We believe we can create a new model to influence women of color living in vulnerable communities and eradicate the cycle of poverty.

Our History

When our founder, Monique Joseph learned of her pregnancy in 2012, five months into the pregnancy she learned of the healthcare crisis that might prevent her from becoming a mother and she immediately became a member of the 60 percent club of African-American women affected by Preeclampsia.  After a series of hospital stays, emergency room visits and an early birth, she welcomed her beautiful daughter at 37 weeks.

Health care challenges, large medical bills and a lack of information on being a new mom propelled our founder to take to the internet to seek out resources, support communities and help.  Without much success of locating communities,  she decided to build her own network that was focused on advocacy healthy lifestyles, early childhood development, community and parenting.  With a tablet and the sheer will to achieve, she launched UrbanMommyinc.com blog where African American women could find every day real content that mattered to them.

Additionally, recognizing the lack of early childhood, access to health care and career opportunities for mothers of color, she forged a relationship with local small businesses and community organizations in Portland, Oregon to offer events that targeted working mothers.  In 2014, Urban Mommy hosted its first community outreach program and soon offered monthly story times and other free community events throughout the year for mother’s of color and their children.

Later in 2015, Monique began advocating for working mothers & early childhood literacy policy issues in Washington, DC and speaking on behalf of mothers of color to help even the playing field in workers rights, access to early childhood literacy and economic development.

Our Future

In 2018, Urban Mommy Inc launched UrbanMommyInc.org, a nonprofit Arizona Corporation and a 501 (c3) designated organization. If you are interested in learning more about your programs/events please visit us online.

To contact our staff direct regarding volunteering or partnerships email us urbanmommyorg@gmail.com