Mother Driven – Mother Focused

Since our founding in 2013, Urban Mommy has worked to motivate mothers to live healthier and happier lives achieving their highest level of ability.  UM is a national nonprofit organization that seeks to empower mothers to pursue economic independence by providing access to a network of resources, personal and professional  development and access to free early childhood literacy.  We build on-ramps for mothers, children and families to connect with the right channels that can assist them in realizing their dreams.

Our programs  and events are unique because they are mother-driven and mother-focused.  We believe that when you strengthen the mother, you elevate the family. No other organization is advocating the way we are. We believe we can create a new model to influence women of color living in vulnerable communities and eradicate the cycle of poverty.

We are here for you!

• Entrepreneurship and Employment
• Professional and Personal Development Workshops
• Literacy classes K-3 & Story time
• Support Groups
• Health – I Make Humans Campaign
• Job Skills and Training